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Deconstructed Dreams



The DREAM SERIES is inspired by surreal moments from my daily life, with one of the collections in the series, "Deconstructed Dreams," specifically focused on the surreal experience from my dreams. To me, dreams are another world where my subconscious version of myself thinks and acts in similar ways to my waking self, but the events that occur in dreams are very strange and bizarre. Even though they may feel strange, I may not realize that I am dreaming, but when I reach to a certain point, I suddenly realize I’m in a dream and wake up right away. This experience happens every time I dream and makes me feel connected to another version of myself in another world.

Mood Board  
  • I collaged images that remind me the remnant hazy memories after waking up from dreams.



  • The "Deconstructed Dream" collection was created using a mood board and a monotone color palette. It is inspired by the idea of dreams and the feeling of having another version of myself. The collection features two connected looks that represent my real self and my dream self. The different, yet similar designs reflect the idea that there are two versions of myself, yet they are still connected.
  • The collection incorporates a moon element to reflect the fact that dreams mostly occur at night. The use of slits and holes in the designs represents the idea that the boundaries between dreams and reality are fragmented and collapsed.

Shape and Form

  • Look I

  • Look II