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A Tiny Catastrophe


The collection I created is inspired by the theme of "A Tiny Catastrophe," which reflects the small but negative feelings that I experience on a daily basis such as anxiety, stress, and overthinking. The collection is named after Barbara Loftus' book "Sigmund's Watch: A Tiny Catastrophe," as it reflects the idea that even though these feelings do not destroy my life, they still exist and have an impact. The clothing pieces in the collection are designed to reflect this theme through their colors, designs, and details.

Deconstruct/Reconstruct Exercise


  • I found images that encapsulate the negative emotions and used them as inspiration while designing each piece in the collection. The colors, details and designs of each clothing piece are influenced by the images I selected, to reflect the theme of "A Tiny Catastrophe" and how it resonates with my personal experiences.

Capsule Collection


  • In addition to the "A Tiny Catastrophe" capsule collection, I also created another collection that is inspired by the first one. I used the same color palette and overall mood, but with a different emphasis. This collection is designed to showcase powerful women in ready-to-wear garments, using the same inspiration from the first collection but this time with a different approach. I wanted to present the idea that while we all may experience negative feelings, we can still be strong, confident and powerful.

Shape and Form

  • Iteration